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Middle East / United Arab Emirates / Dubai / Adamallys LLC

Adamallys LLC

Address : Umm Ramool, Old Steel Mill Road, Street 5
Town : Dubai
Country : United Arab Emirates
Phone : +97142844848
Fax : +97142844880
Contact : Email Adamallys LLC
Website :

Adamallys LLC has over 45 years of experience in shipchandling/ship supply, supply of machinery spare parts, supply of new-built ship stores to shipyards globally, and supply of technical stores to ports and the offshore oil & gas sector. We have more recently also transitioned toward supplying cruise liners. Our highest priority remains the health and safety of seafarers and crew members on board all the vessels we serve and in the ports and offshore sector. To ensure this, we follow extremely rigorous sourcing policies, adhere to ISO quality, health & safety and environmental standards, and follow intensive food safety protocol.

Our reputation for supplying quality products competitively has led us to become the long-term partner, supplier and complete solution provider to many of the largest ship owners and ship management companies in the world.

Founded in 1972, Adamallys LLC is one of UAE’s pioneer suppliers of products and services to the marine, offshore, oil and gas, power generation, and industrial production sectors.

Over the 4 decades we have served the industry, we have built a long-standing reputation and trust with our customers by demonstrating both, specialisation in swiftly providing products and services and, experience in using our extensive supply chain to ensure infallible reliability.

Ship supply is one of our principal services, which involves stocking various types of vessels with a complete range of deck & engine stores, cabin stores, spare parts and provisions. Our other primary operations include providing new ship building stores, repair services, warehousing, offshore supply support and distribution.

As stockists and distributors for the leading brands in the industry, Adamallys LLC is a reliable source of OEM parts, inventory and equipment. Combined, our operations, facilities and services form the most developed supply network in the region.

We look forward to building strong relationships and providing your business with dedicated support and every service vital to your operations.

ENGINE STORES - Our stocked Engine Stores, cover the full range of products as per the ISSA and IMPA catalogues and come with class certifications. They include painting equipment, valves and cocks, hand tools, clothing, pneumatic and electrical tools, electrical products, measuring tools, rigging products, lubricants, oils and chemicals, hoses and couplings, screws and nuts, bearings, cutting tools, safety equipment, hardware, protective gear, packing and jointing products, machinery, pipes, tubes and tube fittings, metals and welding products.

DECK STORES - We stock all the Deck Stores listed in the IMPA and ISSA catalogues. Our ropes & hawsers come with class and test certifications including MEG4 compliance. We also stock ropes of every breaking strength and load capacity. Other Deck Stores we stock include: Brushes & mats, safety equipment, hoses and couplings, metal sheets, protective gear, machinery, valves and cocks, welding equipment, packing and jointing, petroleum products, rigging and general deck, all types of tools, and nautical equipment.

CABIN STORES - Our Cabin Stores include the full range of different types of clothing including hazmat suits, boiler suits and fire-proof clothing, cleaning (disinfecting and sanitizing) and chemical products, stationary, medicines and medical equipment, cloth and linen, tableware and galley utensils, brushes and mats, and lavatory products.

PROVISIONS - We adhere to rigorous food safety measures and have adopted a complete food traceability platform. All food handlers have Food Safety Level 2 certifications. We store a vast range of provisions including frozen meats and fish, dairy products, chilled products, long-life products, various beverages, and fresh vegetables, which have been sourced from around the world. We specialize in fresh, chilled and frozen: Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Scandinavian, Korean, Filipino, US and UK cuisines and products. Along with our various cuisines we also cater to specific needs such as halal, vegan, gluten free and kosher.

BONDED GOODS - Our bonded stores include all wines, spirits, beers, beverages, cigarettes, confectionary and duty-free goods from all the leading brands globally.

MACHINERY SPARE PARTS - Machinery Spare Parts include all the various parts used in individual products in the following categories: machinery equipment, hand tools, pneumatic tools, electrical tools, valves and cocks, safety equipment, electrical products, measuring tools, ropes and hawsers, and rigging equipment.

NEW-BUILT SHIP STORES - We supply the initial marine stores required by newly built vessels in shipyards in the Far East including Japan, China and Korea via containerized shipments.

SHIP REPAIR - We provide new ship building stores and specialize in the service of spare parts including; replacement pumps, turbochargers, engines and air compressors. As agents for authorized service shipyards we can arrange for immediate ship-repair facilities of IASA endorsed quality.

Marine Logistics

  • Oilfield & Government Project Imports – A complete Service for management, import, export and supply for projects.
  • New Shipbuilding Stores – Supply of Initial stores for newly built vessels.
  • Supply Contractors – Long term fixed rate supply contracts.
  • Offshore Supply Support – Boarding, supply to rigs, platforms, oil tankers and ships.
  • OEM Spare parts Supply Service – Arrange original equipment spare parts for the owner/ship management.
  • Consignments – Clearing, warehousing, forwarding ship stores to transit for the owner/ship management.
  • Class Certification – Arrangement of testing and witness by Class Inspectors for the owner/ship management.

We have three warehouse locations, which highlight the facility to store our extensive range of stores:

  • Total warehouse space is 400,000 sq ft
  • A fleet of 35+ transport vehicles for the supply of stores to various ports.

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Adamallys LLC

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